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Soaking Up the Education

Written by   Amanda Strunk Miller

I love this month's editorial lineup. Sun care and aromatherapy are two topics that I enjoy learning about each year.

It is vital for skin care professionals to teach their clients about the importance of sun care. Clients need to understand the impact ultraviolet rays have on their skin. The lack of a quality sunscreen in a client's skin care regimen can perpetuate the aging process. Sunscreens have been proven to reduce signs of aging when applied daily. By re-applying throughout the day, clients are decreasing their risk of skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation states that people who use a daily sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 show 24 percent less skin aging than those who do not use a daily sunscreen.
Aromatherapy has always been of interest to me.quote

I was introduced to essential oils at a young age when my mother would use them as common cures: tea tree oil for cuts, eucalyptus oil as a decongestant chest rub, frankincense oil for bug bites, lavender oil for restless nights, and peppermint oil for headaches... to name a few. Our house was homeopathically well-stocked. Now, with two little boys of my own, I have already broken out the tea tree and eucalyptus bottles; I'm sure the others will come out of the medicine cabinet soon enough.

Take time this month to peruse our featured articles. Dasha Saian, Karym Urdaneta, and Rachelle Dupree all give great insight to the topic of sun care, detailing the basics of sunscreen, the role of vitamin D, and the evolution of sun care. The section ends with a great generic treatment for sunburned skin that can be implemented into any skin care routine!

Courtney La Marine and Cindy Jones tackle the topic of aromatherapy in polar opposite topics: essential oils and essential waters. They both offer helpful suggestions when it comes to treatment of certain skin conditions using aromatherapy.

Stay tuned for next month's topics of dry skin and social media! Several industry leaders are educating on these fun topics, detailing the pathophysiology of dehydration, dry skin solutions, and a generic body exfoliation treatment; along with what to post on different platforms and how to handle clients on social media.



Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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