Money Making Makeup Artists

Written by Amanda Strunk-Miller


The world of makeup seems larger than any other niche in the beauty industry. With so many makeup companies, products, Instagram feeds, blogs, video tutorials, and “experts” floating around the internet, it can seem overwhelming and, honestly, a bit confusing. Topics like professional versus consumer are the first things I think of, followed by categories like organic or mineral, airbrush or camouflage, and trending or traditional.

As it relates to the skin care industry, makeup is growing in popularity and demand. Clients are seeking professional brands, quality ingredients, and high-end tools to use at home – skin care professionals should be primed and prepared to receive those requests. With a quick eyebrow reshaping or eyelash extension, professionals can cater to their clients in a way with which consumer beauty stores cannot compete. quote

This month, DERMASCOPE is focusing its issue on the growing topic. First, “Making Money with Makeup” will guide the professional through the benefits that makeup can provide to the spa’s bottom line. The feature article, “Eyelash Extensions: The Mascara of the Future,” covers everything professionals need to know when it comes to eyelash extensions. The section ends with “Makeup Protocol for Medium and Darker Skin Tones,” a great step-by-step makeup tutorial that professionals can immediately apply to their routine.

As a skin care professional, the title of Makeup Artist can seem far-off from the goal of an aesthetic license. However, a well-rounded skin care routine should consist of a healthy makeup practice, not just an understanding of things like skin physiology, homecare practices, and skin care ingredients. Take some time to read through this makeup issue and begin implementing a few new ideas into the spa today!


Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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