Doing Well by Doing Good

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Achieving success financially as a result of being charitable or behaving well can be easier said than done. Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “A good conscience is a continual Christmas.” While people understand the difference between growths for the sake of profit versus for the good of others, it is questionable if a business really can make money by doing more good in the world.

QuoteEven though he was one of the wealthiest men during his time, Franklin continually pursued civic projects his whole life. It is understood that he believed the good life was achievable in direct proportion to one’s contributions to society and he dedicated his resources to giving back. To Franklin, each person’s net worth was “determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” Because of this mindset, he tried developing his good habits by the likes of benevolent and charitable contributions. 
Today, many businesses – no matter the size or success – can take current events and use them for charitable contributions. Whether it is a financially-based contribution, such as giving a percentage of the business’ profits to charity, or giving back with real time, like volunteering in the community or giving employees time off for volunteering, every business has the possibility of doing well by doing good.
These days, having a successful business is more than just turning in profits. For some, it is also about creating a business that truly cares about and gives back to the community. Franklin’s reputation comes not only from his scientific inventions, or even his success in business, but also from the way he treated his community and those around him. He proved that successful entrepreneurs can still have compassion and turn profits – and that doing well by doing good is a commendable path to follow.





Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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