Thursday, 29 March 2018 16:11

Critical Connections in the Community

Written by Amanda Strunk-Miller

The sense of community formed by being part of a group of like-minded individuals is impactful. Communities inspire unity, support, comfort, and advisement – a space rich in resources that everyone can benefit from. Being active in a community can bring inspiration, aid in success, and provide strong navigation. Bringing like-minded people together to achieve goals has been important to me for many years – within the industry and outside of it.


My husband, Jeremy, and I owned a small martial arts school in our hometown for almost a decade. During that time, many students came into our lives as they advanced through the various levels of the class. Although some were only involved for a short period of time, most students found our school to be their second home and felt a great sense of community among the other students.


When I had my second son, we made the difficult, bittersweet decision to close the school. When we announced the news to the parents and students, many were understandably upset. Through years of camaraderie between one another, children had grown and learned alongside their peers, cheering them on through their successes and supporting them during defeats. We had all built a feeling of fellowship in the school – something that is still true, even after the business is no more.


This feeling of community is what we have worked to provide in – a space to spark meaningful relationships that inspire growth, passion, and an open exchange of knowledge and support.


With the launch of our newly designed website, I invite you to connect with other professionals in our online Community. Similar to networking events, the Community joins professionals with other peers, manufacturers, and industry leaders. Dedicated to connecting professionals together, the Community is a place where users can reach out directly to one another. Make a profile and get started today. Browse through the Groups and find one that fits your needs. Ask and answer questions in the Forums. Read blogs and get creative with your own! Browse Events and sign up for those in your area.


I look forward to connecting with each of you personally as you become a part of our online community in

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