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A Labor of Love

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Twenty years ago this month, my father became Associate Publisher of DERMASCOPE Magazine. Not so coincidentally, this month I accept the same position. As you might know from my previous editor’s notes through the years, I have grown up in the world of aesthetics where my passion has continued to evolve. I have become a beneficiary of many important relationships. Between industry legends and world renowned writers and educators, I have an enormous resource of talent to draw from in my quest to keep DERMASCOPE at the forefront of aesthetics. Many have been great guides and continue to provide inspiration to me. I have enjoyed the rewards of working in this industry and it has been a true labor of love. It helps to do what you love in life and, for me, it is an accurate depiction of my job. I work with great people and every day is entertaining and enjoyable.

Yes, my years at DERMASCOPE have been blessed. I have spent countless trips with my family traveling back and forth across the country, meeting people from all corners of this trade. Almost every memory I have revolves around the aesthetics industry and the people in it. Even our family vacations were scheduled on the tailcoats of the tradeshows we have produced. Whether we were going skiing, to the beach or seeking the world’s biggest ball of yarn, those trips would often include various personalities from the industry. Even before I was born, my life was intricately laced with aesthetics. My parents tell a story that my birth was scheduled so my mother could take time off during the down season at their spa. So it is not only passion, but fate that drives me down this road. My life has always been consumed by aesthetics… and I cannot see it any other way.
As I take this next step, I am filled with confidence and enthusiasm about the course of DERMASCOPE and our industry.

"My life has always been consumed by aesthetics… and I cannot see it any other way."

I accept the duties of Associate Publisher of DERMASCOPE Magazine with great pride and passion. And, with your feedback and the many pioneers as my guides, we will seek this dream together. My objectives are clear: “To raise the standards of education and public awareness of the aesthetics industry.” To that end, I am committed to providing the best continuing education available. I now carry this rich tradition forward with, which provides an invaluable resource that advances the way skin care professionals connect, learn and conduct business on the Internet. I am undeniably proud of DERMASCOPE and everything it represents. I look forward to improving in every way possible for decades to come.
And this is just the beginning.


Amanda Strunk Miller Associate Publisher

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