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How to Perfect the Waxing Experience for Your Clients

Written by
Waxing can be an effective and lucrative means of hair removal for a spa. In fact, according to a study done by the American Laser Centers, women who wax will spend an average of $23,000 on hair removal in a lifetime. From my own experience, I have estimated my total waxing costs to be $72,000! That is a segment on which beauty businesses cannot afford…

Treating the Signs of Aging Across the Body

Written by Cynthia Price, M.D.
Caring for the skin on the face is routinely discussed. Treating other parts of the body that are obvious indicators of a person’s age, yet often overlooked, is explored with much less frequency. As the population ages and many are living longer, more active lives, the search for strategies to make our bodies as a whole look and feel youthful continues to intensify. Many of…

Banish the Bumps and Ditch the Dimples with the Help of Dry Body Brushing

Written by Greg Moses, general manager at BioElixia
Dry brushing has become an ongoing consumer trend lately! But what exactly is it? Dry brushing is a popular spa technique that assists to minimize the appearance of saddle bag skin, also known as cellulite, by sloughing those dry, flaky upper skin cells for visibly smoother, more radiant skin.

The Way of the Décolleté

Written by Karen Poirier
The décolletage is the area of the neck, shoulders, chest, and cleavage. It is quite possibly the most provocative feature of a woman, yet it is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to preventative and restorative skin care. That has not always been the case. In European society as early as the 11th century, an exposed chest and neck was a common…

Beneficial Body Treatments

Written by Courtney La Marine, L.E.
When clients are browsing through the spa menu, dreaming of how they would like to relax and turn back the hands of time, rarely do they look at body treatments and its benefits. Body treatments not only renew the skin, but also create a relaxation like no other. Clients often spend the majority of their time and money on their face, neck, and décolleté. While…

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