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Advances in the skin care industry are progressing so rapidly and so profoundly that many aestheticians, especially those new to our profession, find themselves in a quandary of either not knowing what to do… or wanting to do everything!!! My advice is that you find your niche and then EXCEL at it! Most customers really don’t care what a salon is called, they just want…
Applying steam to the skin is one of the best, simplest, and most effective ways to provide deep skin cleansing and relaxation. Whether dealing with the whole body or just the face the benefits include: Relief for muscle soreness and stiff joints, immune system enhancement, sinus congestion relief, lymph detoxification, and improvement in blood circulation which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin's surface…

Survey Says: Men Reluctant to Use Sunscreen

Written by Dr. Ananya Mandal, M.D.
A new survey claims that less than half of men use sunscreen of at least factor 15 to protect their skin from damage. The poll of 2,000 people commissioned by Cancer Research UK found 90 percent said they had suffered sunburn. But only 47 percent of men used at least SPF 15. This was compared to two thirds of women using sunscreen of at least factor…

Coral Produces Sunscreen Compounds with Potential for Human Use

Written by Christian Nordqvist Source: Medical News Today
Natural sunscreen compounds produced by coral to protect from UV rays could eventually be used for making human sunscreens, researchers from King's College London revealed. The scientists, who discovered the new natural sunscreen compounds, are uncovering the biochemical and genetic processes behind their production. They believe they will eventually be able to recreate them synthetically, leading to new types of sunscreens for human usage.
Ancient Egyptians and Romans prized it for its pleasant aroma, using it to scent the air in homes and temples. During the Middle Ages, people used mint as a cleaning agent and a way to purify drinking water. The early colonists who brought herbs to America praised mint for its therapeutic benefits, using it to treat fevers and influenza.1 Scientifically known as Mentha, this herb…

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