The Way of the Décolleté

Written by Karen Poirier
The décolletage is the area of the neck, shoulders, chest, and cleavage. It is quite possibly the most provocative feature of a woman, yet it is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to preventative and restorative skin care. That has not always been the case. In European society as early as the 11th century, an exposed chest and neck was a common…

Beneficial Body Treatments

Written by Courtney La Marine, L.E.
When clients are browsing through the spa menu, dreaming of how they would like to relax and turn back the hands of time, rarely do they look at body treatments and its benefits. Body treatments not only renew the skin, but also create a relaxation like no other. Clients often spend the majority of their time and money on their face, neck, and décolleté. While…

The Physiological Effects of Microcurrent

Written by Erin Madigan-Fleck, M.D., L.E.
The history of electrotherapeutics has presented a long legacy of scientists, researchers, and physicians determined to illustrate the connection between healing, rejuvenation, and electrical current. Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome utilized electric eels in therapy for headaches and neuralgia, which was indeed primitive but reputedly effective as it was applied throughout various practicums throughout history.
Facial beauty is defined by structure: shapely cheekbones, eyebrows that accentuate, large eyes, full lips, and a lean, slender neck. From the collarbone to the top of our forehead, there is bone that gives our face shape and structure and a large group of muscles that work seamlessly to communicate our expressions and help shape our words. Despite all of this, we have the capability…
With the numerous professional exfoliation solutions and infinite application options available to today’s aesthetician, it can be overwhelming to determine the best peel treatment plan for each individual client. Developing a strategy for safe peel application to avoid common complications and achieve optimal results is key to a successful outcome and client satisfaction.

February 2024

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