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Heather Finks

Written by   Heather Finks

A business owner and nurse practitioner, Heather Finks is taking Fort Worth, Texas, and the skin care industry by storm.

Why is your primary skin care brand your ultimately go-to, and how has it helped you become one of the best professionals in the industry?

Zo Skin Health products are my go-to for clients because it is a science-driven and medical-grade skincare line that produces the outcomes it claims to provide. 

Why did you choose the brand, and how did you find out about them?

I chose ZO Skin Health out of several other brands because their mission to create and maintain healthy skin for anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin condition, or skin type,” fallsinline with what I wish to achieve for my clientele. 

How do you stay educated with this brand? 

Zo Skin Health provides continuous education to keep professionals knowledgeable on the most up-to-date information regarding skincare protocols related to their products. 

What benefits do your clients see from using the retail of the brand?

When clients stay committed to the individualized protocol prescribed, they will see results typically within six weeks. 

How do you promote yourself and the brand? 

We primarily market ourselves through social media and word-of-mouth marketing. I strongly believe that results will drive business, and we have experienced just that. 

Besides working with the brand, what else has helped you become one of the best? Remaining client-focused has contributed to my success within this industry. When skin care professionals focus on the clients individual needs and not the bottomline,they will be successful in this industry. 

What is your educational background and how do you continue your education in the industry?

I am a certified nurse practitioner trained in the aesthetic field. I take advantage of as many continuing education opportunities as possible to remain up-to-date with the innovation in aesthetic medicine. 

How long have you been practicing, and why did you choose this field?

I have been practicing aesthetics for a little over five years. I did not choose to go into the industry – it found me. I have remained passionate about it ever since. I wish to redefine what makes people feel beautiful and confident. Beauty is not skin deep; it starts from within. My goal is for my client to feel beautiful from the moment they walk through the door. I want them to feel proud of their age. My goal is not to make them look younger – it is impossible to be younger. My goalfor them is to feel like the best possible version of themselves at any age.

How do you give back to the industry or community? 

I always feel like I am not giving enough back; however, I try to make time to answer questions from fellow injectors related to clinical practice as much as I can. I feel like there is an unnecessary threat injectors feel by helping other injectors. In reality, we are making the industry better by lifting each other up. Community is far greater than the competition in my opinion.

My top holy grail products include:

  • ZoSkin Health Daily Power Defense
  • ZoSkin Health Exfoliating Polish 
  • ZoSkin Health Growth Factor Serum 

Why are these products on your must-have list?

My must-have products that have changed the life of my skin are all from the Zo Skin Health line. These products are perfect for antiaging, protection, and skin toning. 

Contact Info:

Find Heather on Instagram @injector_heather or call 682-707-9691

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