Aida Thibiant- A Legend in Aesthetics

Aida Thibiant- A Legend in Aesthetics

Aida Thibiant is undoubtedly one of the world’s foremost authorities on beauty and skin care. Her Beverly Hills salon has welcomed come of the most beautiful and famous women in the world; and women in all stages of endeavor, of all ages and with all types of skin problems, have sought aid at Madame Thibiant’s salon.

And with good reason! Madame Thibiant’s background in the field of beauty and skin care encompasses extensive study with the foremost chemists, doctors and scientists and other specialist in this area. Her clientele reads like a “Who’s Who” of beauty, including Ali MacGraw, Jane Fonda, Rachquel Welch, Victoria Principal, Jaclyn Smith, Anjelica Huston, Cheryl Tiegs, Phillis George, and many others. Madame Thibiant’s skin and beauty products, which are sold in her Beverly Hills salon and by mail order throughout the United States, are manufactured in her own laboratories under the strictest supervision, to insure the utmost in quality and the highest standards available.

The Aida Thibiant skin and beauty products were personally developed by Madame Thibiant, who works closely with the foremost experts in this field, and they are unique in that her products contain absolutely no lanolin or mineral oils.

Madame Thibiant’s professional career began in Paris where, as a young woman, she developed several problems with own skin. Looking for a solution, Madame Thibiant visited several dermatologists, but unfortunately, found no improvements. As a final attempt to receive some help, Madame Thibiant visited a skin care salon and there she found results. Her personal experience inspired Madame Thibiant to study skin care as an esthetician. In all, she studied at five schools, each one having its own specialty. She herself specialized in every area, including acne, makeup, corrective makeup, body treatments and facials.

In Paris, Madame Thibiant studied at Jeane Gatineau, one of the foremost schools for estheticians and at the Universite De Soins Esthetiques du Corps De Paris, headed by Madame Simone Laube. She also studied and worked with Docteur Peytoureaur, M.D., who specialized in acne, makeup artist Fernand Aubry, the cfeator of eyeliner, specializing in corrective makeup.

In 1970, Aida Thibiant decided to move her operation to the United States. Although she spoke little English, Madame Thibiant had no trouble finding employment at the exclusive Sanctuary Health Spa at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, which was at the time a mecca for skin care and catered to some of the most famous starts in show business. As an employee, she learned to understand her own employees, and the experience also introduced her to the American way of life.

Madame Thibiant’s first salon in Beverly Hills was a mere 2,000 square feet. Within four years, she outgrew that space and moved to her present location on North Canon Drive, which is more than three times the size of the original.

Over a five year period, Madame Thibiant developed her own skin care products, together with several prominent cosmetic chemists. She also attended cosmetic chemistry classes and is an active member in the Society of Cosmetic Chemists since 1983.

Madame Thibiant’s products are manufactured at her own facilities, which include a complete laboratory. The skin care line is very difficult and delicate to create, since hers is the first line to completely eliminate lanolin, mineral oil and waxed. It has taken six years to develop, test and refine the line.

In addition to her skin products, Madame Thibiant is now developing a full line of hair and scalp treatment products. Her present salon is now equipped with a special section to deal with problems and treatment of the hair and scalp.

Madame Thibiant became an American citizen in January of 1987. She still travels to Europe twice a year to attend conventions and cosmetic trade shows, and to keep up to date on the latest in skin care.

“The simplest skin care regimen is the best… but you must be consistent and disciplined. Regular skin care keeps your youth much longer. The face is the mirror of your entire well-being. Clean your skin well and nourish it. That is the purpose of facials and home care. This is the decade of health, and healthy skin makes you look younger,” says Aida Thibiant.

Aida Thibiant is a unique authority in the world of professional beauty care, an aesthetician with European certification, who freely shares more than 30 years knowledge with her clients, inviting active participation. Her staff estheticians are instructed to explain treatments, products recommendations, and key ingredients so that clients understand their own skin and its behavior. She believes that armed with this understanding clients can and will take more intelligent, more responsible care of themselves. This is the reason her clientele is so faithful and enthusiastic. Her realistic, common sense approach works. Her beauty care is truly an investment in the future.


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