November 2018 AIA Welcome: The Polls are Open

Where in the world does the time go? I have to pinch myself to believe we are winding down 2018 – and at a super rapid rate! I feel like just yesterday I was saying to myself “June will be here before we know it.” Now, June is long gone and 2019 is in my sights. But, as fast as it goes, I have loved every minute of a thrilling 2018, full of unexpected opportunities, smiles, success, and new ventures. I cannot wait to see what next year brings!


As we quickly push into the holiday season, we here at AIA and DERMASCOPE Magazine are diligently working to add a little excitement and end the year on a high note with our annual Aesthetician’s Choice Awards. Nominations for 2019 took place in September, when we received thousands of nominations for industry favorites. Since then, our ACA panel has narrowed each of our product, equipment, and people categories down to four finalists. Now, during the month of November, readers have the opportunity to go online and vote for the winners of each category!


We love this contest because we love to hear from all of you. It is such a blast to hear which brands and people our readers think are the current movers and shakers in the industry. Even better, it is a wonderful recognition for those top nominated people, products, and companies out there to be noted for their efforts and success.


DAllairdHave you voted? If not, log on to and vote, vote, vote! Show your support and help determine the industry’s top favorite brands and people of 2019!

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