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Ihave always found autumn to be a breath of fresh air. Here in the northeast, we have cooler days and breezy nights, a lower setting sun in the sky, falling leaves, and crisp air. It’s a time of rejuvenation and an opportunity to set your sights on the upcoming months.


First, fall is the ideal time for making connections and exploring new business ideas. This time of year is all about “back to school,” so take advantage of that yourself. Trade shows, webinars, and continuing education classes are in abundance.


The aesthetics profession is changing each and every day. We are constantly surrounded by new products, ingredients, and technology. To be a success you have to stay on the cutting edge. That doesn’t mean you have to do it all, but it surely means you need to be aware of it. Because, trust me, your customers will know!


Expand your circle of knowledge. Build your professional network by connecting with someone new. I have found over the years that some of the best information that I come across comes from the knowledge and experience of another professional. There is nothing better than learning from someone else’s mistakes! It’s a gift to know what not to do before you do it.


All of this is what AIA is all about – providing each and every one of you with a massive network of professionals in which to learn, grow, connect and succeed. AIA will give you a firm professional foundation in order to propel you into the future.


Take my word for it: success does not come easy and it does not come over night, but it surely does come when you make the most of the opportunities around you, like training, education, and professional relationships.


Ground yourself now and, tomorrow, the sky will be the limit!


DAllaird Brenner headshotMichelle D'Allaird-Brenner
AIA President,
Director of Education

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