A Crash Course on Cellulite Treatments

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This is a topic that is personal to me as I started noticing small dimples a few years ago. I keep myself in good shape but, as the years have passed, I feel as though my cellulite has gotten worse. I, just like many, began trying creams, oils, body wraps, drinks, laser treatments, and other types of services on the market.


Though there is no cure for cellulite, there are many treatments that can be offered to minimize its appearance. With 90 percent of women experiencing cellulite in some way, this can be a profitable issue to tackle. But, it is important to note that the treatment must be customized to each individual.


With many clients, the lack of consistency is the reason treatments don’t work. Some may need to layer creams, wraps, and a service and some may only need one type of treatment. The amount of product or treatments differ from one person to the next. Consistency with the client is imperative. Cellulite is based off a grade system from one to four – one being minimal dimples and four being severe dimpling. Be realistic with clients about where they fit on the scale, then choose the treatments accordingly. Just because one service did not work on my friend does not mean that would not work on me. Bodies respond differently, so encourage clients not to be shy about trying new treatments.


Let clients know that this is not an overnight fix; it can take a month or two to see the process working. Therefore, getting started a few months before the warm weather returns is recommended. Depending on how warm the local climate is in spring, late winter is a great time to begin this process.


Summer is around the corner. Get specials out now and start creating add-on specialty items to offer to boost sales and compliment your results. Create a realistic treatment plan. Ensure clients understand the process and what they must do to help it work.

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