Success By a Hair

A good 30 years ago hair removal was certainly not a substantial component of the skin care profession, or of any business. Bleaching facial hair topped the list, followed years later by electrolysis. In school, everyone’s absolute least favorite clinic service both to give and receive was waxing!

Those times have long gone by the wayside. Hair removal products and services have become a business all their own. From waxing to threading and laser, the opportunity for business success and revenue generation in hair removal is endless.

We now have students going through aesthetics school solely to do waxing. Some states, such as New York, even offer professional licensing just in waxing, making the education, training, and opportunity for success quick and affordable.

Expert hair removal professionals are highly sought after and tend to have a clientele that is very dedicated. It is one of the quickest areas to build a business on.

For the flip side of the service, hair removal specialists absolutely must find a manufacturer or distributor that will last as their partner, in a sense. Whether it be waxing, sugaring, or even laser, be sure to partner with a company that is committed to mutual success. Find a company that provides a quality product (which does not have to be off-the-charts expensive), education, and training, and most importantly, support as needed.

Enjoy this month’s issue; it is full of everything readers need for hair removal success!

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