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Notoriously known on Instagram, @your.esty.bestie spills on her claim tp fame in the soical media world, while sharing her unrequited love for skin care.



BIG BREAKOUT MOMENT About three years ago, I ran an ad on my professional business page which showed a dermaplaning video and it just exploded. I went to do a facial, came back and checked the ad an hour later, and I had 50 messages on my phone from people wanting to book treatments. I remember dropping to my knees in my treatment room and crying literal tears of joy. I never realized how powerful social media could be for my business until that moment.


HOW YOU KEEP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVE Social media is everything... I mean everything. Thanks to Instagram, my books became ridiculously full, to the point where I needed to hire staff to help me. Over time, the clients kept coming and I was able to slowly remove myself from doing treatments and instead take on the role of managing three amazing women and helping them grow. This awakened my even deeper passion, which is empowering women. I started the humor page for aestheticians to bring everyone together and become a closer community. It can be very dark in this industry sometimes, as some professionals are not always kind or helpful to each other. Becoming “Your Esty Bestie” was my way of trying to change that. It was also an intentional business decision to expand. I can now earn income through clients and by selling funny merchandise to aestheticians through my Instagram page.


HOW YOU STAY AHEAD OF NEW TRENDS I follow about 1,000 other aestheticians on Instagram and I learn so much from them. Just when I think I know a lot, I find a person online who can humble me really quickly. This is a good thing and not the time to be jealous or feel inferior – sometimes I need that push to keep learning. 


FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA EDITING APP I love the Unfold app for Instagram Stories. It makes everything look more polished.


FAVORITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW @esty_lauren will have you laughing every day, @the.master.aesthetician knows more about skin than I can possibly fit into my brain, and @reneerouleau is just goals. I hope I am like her when I grow up.


WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE Oh, I don’t know – just find the dorkiest and most awkward actress and she’ll do great.



brittany’s must haves


Skin Script Skin Care’s Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub/Mask provides gentle yet powerful cellular turnover. Combining retinol (vitamin A) and jojoba beads to clean, soothe, and polish the skin.


Face Reality’s Brighten-C Mask is packed with specialty ingredients that brighten the look of the skin, help improve the appearance of discoloration, and offer antioxidant support.


Skin Script Skin Care’s Cucumber Hydration Toner hydrates, soothes, and cools irritated skin. Containing heavy water, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber it boosts moisture in the skin, while resisting free radical transportation.

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