Joniann and Steve Marchese, owners of LightStim

Determined to find a solution for their son’s chronic illness, they discovered what would become a world-wide phenomenon.


Steve and Joniann Marchese have always been dedicated to following their passion, even when it has led them down an unconventional path. The owners of LightStim created their first business when Steve was 22 and Joni was only 16 years old. Not long afterwards, Joni and Steve went on to establish the first national auto detailing franchise known as Steve’s Detailing. Together, they sold over 155 franchises across the country and were highlighted in over 200 publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Time, and People.


In 2008, Joni began looking into skin care treatments and discovered a unique LED technology, now aptly named LightStim MultiWave Patented Technology. She was so delighted with the results, she and Steve purchased the rights to the technology that would change not only their lives, but also the lives of countless others. With a firm belief in what their technology could do, an unwavering family work ethic, and what some might call unrelenting optimism, Joni and Steve went on to build their company from a small, family-operated business into one of the largest and most trusted LED manufacturers in the world, with 12 FDA clearances and three patents.


Steve and Joni have always been proponents of holistic health, but it was not until their then 21-year-old son, Chase, developed chronic high blood pressure that they became determined to find a solution by working with the body in a natural and supportive way. After enduring months of unsuccessful and disheartening treatments, the couple, very familiar with the ability of light to modulate biology, decided to build a crude, full-body LED bed in hopes their beloved technology would conquer the biggest challenge of their lives. Within eight weeks, Chase’s blood pressure returned to normal and has remained there ever since with continued LightStim bed treatments. Although the LED bed was not originally intended to go to market, Joni and Steve knew this had potential to change and perhaps even save lives and had to be shared. After five years of painstaking and meticulous research and development, LightStim launched the release of the first ever FDA-cleared LED bed.


Since that time, there has been no end to heartwarming testimonials from clients and patients whose quality of life has improved significantly under a wide variety of circumstances. This is the inspiration that drives the couple to continue to spread the word. Empowering others to consciously and actively participate in the choices that affect their health, happiness, and destiny is very much in keeping with the way they live their own lives. Having discovered an opportunity to do so is something for which they are genuinely grateful.



“Steve and Joniann Marchese are a class act. If a company’s product is a reflection of its leadership, it is no wonder LightStim is a world leader in LED therapy.” Drew Coleman, vice president of education and sales at Danné Montague-King (DMK)

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