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Skin Smart: Cultural Intelligence in the Treatment Space  

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As the new year begins, skin care professionals have immense opportunities to honestly reflect on business wins, client wins, and best practices from the previous year. The other side of that same coin is to also be brutally honest, while maintaining levels of optimism for continual growth for the year ahead.

How did your client growth strategies turn out last year? Was client diversification and inclusion a part of your growth strategies for the entire year? Have you asked yourself why?

Everyone loves a fresh start, clean slate, or new chapter, and January has a way of bringing that to top of our minds like no other month can. No doubt, you had some indisputable wins, along with some legitimate areas for growth. 


Although no one is asking you to whip out your 2024 resolution journal, you are invited to journey alongside “The Melanin Diaries” for the next 12 issues to explore how to deliver genuinely inclusive business and skin health practices where clients with melanin-rich skin are truly cared for. 

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C.R. Cooper is a connective, knowledgeable, and compassionate educator who has been a skin enthusiast for over 24 years. As the education manager and master educator for a renowned global institute of learning in the skin health industry, Cooper values organizational and individual industry standards, professional and personal brand integrity, but most importantly the inherent worth in every skin professional.

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