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Just Right: Peel Prep for High Fitzpatrick Types 

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Not all skin is the same, and not all Fitzpatrick types call for the same protocols. Careful consideration and preparation must be taken when deciding what peel and preparation should be used on a client’s specific skin type. When setting up your business and considering product lines, it is imperative that you have a variety of options that include safe ingredients for higher Fitzpatrick types. Clients come to us to help with their concerns and trust that we will be able to help with their frustrations and the stress it may be causing them to clear up their conditions. The last thing we want to do is create more issues or more pigmentation, which is a very real possibility if the proper steps aren’t taken for higher Fitzpatrick clients. 


If your training experience has not included education on pigmentation or tyrosinase inhibitors, you may want to consider taking some additional courses to help you understand how to work on clients who are higher on the Fitzpatrick scale. Furthering your education surrounding different skin types will help you cater to a variety of clients and avoid exacerbating your clients’ concerns. 

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Andrea Gregaydis is a licensed aesthetician and international CIDESCO diplomat. She holds multiple additional licenses as a New York state instructor and nail technician, as well as certified laser technician. Gregaydis is the lead instructor at the Aesthetic Science Institute and has over 10 years of experience as a practitioner, team coordinator, and role model for hundreds of future skin care professionals. She is contributing author to top industry trade magazines, as well as a speaker at various aesthetics conferences across the United States. She is also a CIDESCO International Examiner.

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