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Tools of the Trade: Makeup

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Trendsetters give insight on the makeup tools they recommend.


Bella-SchneiderBSBella Schneider Beauty Founder
Bella Schneider
"Get beautiful coverage with Beauty Balm, an all-encompassing product that covers, hydrates, and softens fine lines with moisturizing oils and amino acids. It protects the skin from free radicals with vitamin E and contains broad spectrum SPF 35. I use it after any peel or facial. It is offered in three convenient colors that are suitable for just about any skin type and any ethnicity. I love it so much and use it every day."





Make My Day Beautiful!® Founder and CEO
Linda Litzinger Beck
"I created The Professional, Refillable People's Colors Box® for use in the professional media makeup industry. It contains high-quality, oil-free, talc-free, and paraben-free pressed mineral makeup and concealer/shadow base. This essential shade selection is designed to perfectly highlight and contour facial features and accentuate bone structure. Professionals can fill and define eyebrows with natural pigments that last all day. I chose these colors to benefit clients of all skin tones and all skin types. It is economical and environmentally friendly and has magnetic replacement shades that are sold individually."


Kevin-James-BennettKJBRCMA Makeup Guest Educator
Kevin James Bennett
"The iconic RCMA Color Process Foundation (VK #11) was handed to me for the first time when I worked in a television studio in the early '90s. I have had it in my makeup kit ever since. It is a perfect overall cream makeup that is not greasy, provides totally adjustable full coverage, and looks great on all skin types. The skin-tone range is enormous and the creative colors are endless. Did I mention it is vegan and has been for over 50 years? RCMA should be a requirement in every new artist's kit."




Laura-LinsenmayerLLRoots the Beauty Underground and Zyderma Stockist Owner and Founder
Laura Linsenmayer
"Utilizing Clarifying Cream as a primer with its semi-matte/velvety texture provides a perfectly evened canvas, allowing foundation to glide onto the face during application. Due to the instant visibility of a smoother skin surface and enhanced makeup staying power, clients are then just as much in love with this product as I am and they have not yet witnessed the multiple levels of improvements in overall texture, tone, and clarity of their face through continued use of this totally unique and effective product."

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