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August 2018 Tools of the Trade: Tools recommended for Hyperpigmentation

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 Trendsetters share insights on the tools they recommend for hyperpigmentation.


BiON headshotCEO of BiON Research Skincare Products


Larry Lockhart, R.P.


“BiON’s research team has developed a product that should be on every aesthetician’s shelf! Mandelic Serum, available in eight percent or 15 percent, is a multifunctional, AHA product that we have seen work well for hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, and mature skin. Daily treatment with Mandelic Serum breaks up hyperpigmentation caused by things such as sun damage, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and hormones – and it is alcohol free. We were even able to observe the positive impact it had on a BiON employee in our office with severe melasma. It has quickly become a favorite BiON product.”





LiraClinical99Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Lira Clinical



Metaxia Dalikas


“PRO Lite embodies Lira Clinical’s core philosophy of healthy, beautiful skin. We created this brightening serum and melanin suppressant with hexylresorcinol – a powerful alternative to hydroquinone that delivers equivalent results without the harmful side effects. We also included kojic acid, vitamin C, arbutin, and plant stem cells, along with natural ingredients such as gooseberry, licorice, and MASQ-techTM Skin Illumination Technology, to reduce pigmentation and inflammation. This top-selling Lira Clinical product has been proven to be a must-have in clinical aesthetics.”





Skin Script Headshot




Owner and Founder of Skin Script Skin Care


Lisa VanBockern


“Skin Script’s Glycolic/Retinol Pads with arbutin and kojic have been one of our top sellers from the beginning. They are our skin lightening product for pigmentation. They have two percent glycolic, one percent retinol, and a pH of 3.0 to deliver the natural lighteners four percent arbutin and three percent kojic into the skin for maximum lightening. If possible, apply twice daily to the pigmented areas and cover with moisturizer and SPF.”



Vivant headshot





In-house Licensed Aesthetician for Vivant Skin Care


Maryanne Goodman, L.E.


“Formulated with potent ingredients for improving tone and texture, Vivant’s Bleaching Cream is a high-performance brightener that also supports collagen production. This multitasker’s ability to break down melanocytes and inhibit the production of new melanin, while encouraging a healthy, vibrant texture, makes it a customer favorite. If you’re looking to fade discoloration and achieve a more consistent, even tone, this should be your first choice.”


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