• 80 percent of teenage boys and girls will develop acne.• Acne is not a disease; it is a skin condition that needs to be managed correctly during its interval.• Hormones are a significant contributing factor to acne, with hyperkeratinization, bacterial overgrowth, poor diet, and poor skin hygiene as contributing factors.

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Written by Kristine Sartore, vice president of sales, marketing, and business development at Spa Revolutions
Skin is a fascinatingly complicated system and is definitely worthy of some tender loving care! A visit to the spa is a welcome opportunity for clients to treat their skin and address any skin care concerns. While a facial may be their first thought when visiting a spa, they should not neglect their hands and feet!
My daily ritual can change as the environment and lifestyle does; however, I am committed to a baseline protocol and incorporate other products as needed.
The newest form of detoxification in the spa industry are infrared saunas. Infrared heat raises core temperatures from inside the body, which rids toxins through the pores by way of an intense sweat.
Strawberries are superfruits that offer a number of health benefits from fighting cancer to promoting ocular health. This fruit contains a high amount of vitamin C, which skin care professionals know is important for boosting collagen production, reducing skin inflammation, and increasing the skin's defense against ultraviolet radiation.

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