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How to Successfully Cross-Promote Team Bookings

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Cross-promotion within the spa’s team is one of the best methods to increase clientele and ensure optimum retention rates. Along with training, superior skill sets, and passion, team members should possess excellent customer service skills to enhance the client's experience. This point is where team booking is critical. If staff adapts this mentality, success is guaranteed for everyone.



Professionals often act possessively over a client or behave awkwardly when a client receives a service from another staff member. This type of behavior only makes the client feel embarrassed to have a service in the spa. Professionals want clients to leave satisfied, balanced, and eager to return. It is important to match clients with the correct aesthetician. When a spa is attentive to this critical match-making detail, clients return, tell their friends, and write reviews about experiences that exceeded their expectations. Everyone on the team will get booking more quickly because everyone is working for each other!


Determining the best aesthetician for clients happens during the initial phone call or reservation. It is imperative that the staff member handling the phone appointments or in-house booking connects with clients by noticing their demeanor, tone of voice, speed of speech, and questions about the booking. If someone seems energetic or upbeat, try pairing them with the staff member most like that. If a client seems soft spoken or quiet, pair them with a more relaxing staff member. There are also times when a client requests a waxing and wants speed and efficiency. They might ask how long a therapist has worked at the spa and experience level. Do not book them with the newest person or someone with weaker waxing skills. It is these little touches that increase a client’s comfort and all but guarantee their return.


When an aesthetician goes on vacation, maternity leave, or is ill, it is an opportunity to assign the client to another professional. Start the process of notifying clients on their first visit that the spa has an experienced team to assist in taking care of all of their needs. Clients will know they can feel comfortable seeing others, especially if their professional is unavailable during their appointment time. Clients need to feel supported by the spa. They still need facials, waxing, or massages while the aesthetician is away and they should not be expected to wait. While there is the rare client who is willing to wait, chances are, the rest will find another aesthetician. Why not have those clients in the spa feel supported by all the same products and techniques? That aesthetician will have a much higher retention rate when they return. At times, a client might decide to stay with the new professional they saw. Remember, that is okay because everyone at the spa is a team and the team’s job is to allow the client to enjoy the services at the spa without feeling guilty. It also opens the professional’s schedule to attract the right clients who they have the best chemistry with and, when that happens, clients buy more, tip more, and refer more. In this case, everyone wins.


Promote aestheticians that work in other departments. All staff members should receive treatments with the other professionals so they can speak from genuine experience about their style and specialties. When a client asks about a different type of treatment, such as a massage, the professional can refer them to the best fit, ensuring they are satisfied. If everyone on the team works for each other and thinks about the team as a whole, clients will sense that support and will want to come back.


Remember, the keys to success are being aware, seizing opportunities for connection, and having a supportive team. It is so important that professionals build their skill set with ongoing, advanced education and feed their profession continuously so they can feel, with unwavering confidence, that they are the best at what they do. The reality of this industry is that a client can get a wax, massage, or facial anywhere. What they are looking for is a connection and someone who can meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Tuning into this need will do that and ensure the spa is prosperous and successful.

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