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Deciphering Diversity: Catering Approach to Various Crowds

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Learning how to immediately identify a new client’s personality type can gain professionals a lifetime customer by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations. There are a plethora of places where potential clients can receive facials or other spa services, but they will repeatedly return if a professional gives them an experience that wows them. Building a rapport with clients and understanding their skin care needs intrisicaly are crucial elements in developing a relationship. The more educated professionals become in reading body language, identifying basic personality types, and noticing distinct behavioral qualities within a person, the better they can customize services. Furthering education in the psychological aspects of why a person invests in services or products will not only help in the work place, but these are helpful skills that can be transferred into home life, friendships, and family, too. These skills can help professionals understand why someone might invest in a friendship or how to handle a family member who is challenging because they now understand what behaviors feed which personality types.

Take a look at the four basic personality types that may come into the workplace. Keep in mind that not everyone will fit one of these categories perfectly. Each person possesses a blend of the different personality types, but typically a dominant trait will emerge. Use these as insights to better recognize client signals, and shift mentality and services to provide outstanding customer service.






The director takes charge immediately. This dominate personality type is comfortable clearly expressing their desires and telling the professional what he or she can and cannot do, all the while looking for signs of weakness, like shaky hands, poor body language, and negative facial expressions. They do not do this to hurt feelings, they just want their eyebrows or skin to look like an expert handled it, and if they do not think the professional is experienced enough, they are not inclined to stay a client. To win them over, take the reins and assure them of the experience, knowledge, and extensive training behind the service provided. They want reassurance and to see that the professional has confidence. Directors have a healthy self-esteem and only want to be serviced by like-minded people. Be confident and pull out the red carpet service, allowing this client to relax. Directors are very loyal clients to have and, although it may take longer than usual to win their trust, the effort is well worth it.


Rapport Building


Directors want products and services that give them immediate results and are willing to invest in any recommended products as long as they are the most potent and fast-acting. This client does not want to get too personal; they are only interested in relevant education and experience. They also will not want to share a lot about their personal life, except for public or professional accomplishments. Stick to talking about the last class taken for self-improvement or any professional awards or achievements.




Not every director fits into this mold, but, typically, their attire will be simple without many accessories. Their makeup and hair will be elegant, but simple. People tend to use their clothing, makeup, and accessories as a way to show their personality and this provides insight into how they might behave and their preferences.






This client commands attention. They are noticed immediately when they walk into a room and people are drawn to their energy and personality. They expect to be treated like a celebrity, so give them all the extras (with proper associated fees). This client will promote the spa on their social media feeds and to friends and family when they receive spectacular service. So, even though they may get bored eventually after exhausting all of the spas services, the superstar will promote the spa in high rotation with pictures and tweets, bringing other lifelong clients. What better advertisement than a picture of their freshly waxed brows with their friendly aesthetician? Show them well-known craft and ensure they feel special in the treatment room. Roll out the red carpet service. They will come back once they have toured the other spas in town. The superstar’s goal, usually, is to make sure they are getting the absolute best service available. Ultimately, they want to feel special. Show them they are valued by providing individual services tailored especially for them. Tapping into this aspect of their personality type can almost guarantee their lifelong service.


Rapport Building


The superstar always has energy and does not typically book an appointment to relax. They like to chat. This type of client wants to use the products being promoted by Hollywood or in the fashion industry and wants the services celebrities are advertising on their social media. They could care less about qualifications, but are thrilled to hear knowledge on the latest eyebrow trends or newest Hollywood-sought services and whether or not they can be provided. Attend trade shows and follow industry magazines to stay current on the latest trends.




Generally, superstars are easy to spot. They usually make bold fashion choices by mixing prints, colors, and whatever is trendy at the moment. Not many classic pieces are in their wardrobe, and since they love attention, their clothing always has a burst of pizzazz. Their hair is usually cut and styled in the newest Hollywood hair trend. Also, superstars tend to express themselves with bright and colorful accessories and makeup. Again, not every superstar fits this mold, but these are some basic guidelines to look for.






The intellectual is quiet and is happy for the professional to take the lead, but has a highly developed sense of order. This client enters and leaves quietly and is more introverted. They never raise their voice or use a harsh tone. Sometimes, a professional might not know an intellectual is waiting for them, as they camouflage themselves so well. They like eye contact and professionalism, but do not typically connect if the professional is overly chatty, seemingly trying to sell them products, or seem too energized. Be professional and a bit subdued because this is their comfort zone and they will appreciate it. Intellectuals typically only speak if they have something important to say, so conversation is always meaningful and well thought out.


Rapport Building


This cerebral client will want to know things like the science behind what you are doing, how many ounces per dollar are in each product, and will book the most effective treatment for their issue. This person will want minimum chit-chat and will not want to get personal, but rather prefers to talk about statistics and facts about the homecare the professional is recommending. They like services that get the job done efficiently, rather than luxuriously. This client is extremely loyal and will stay with a spa as long as they can. A benefit of this client is that they will refer people, but only if they think that referral needs something the professional can provide. While it is not the usual referral, it is still genuine. This client is all about necessities, the science, and being economical. Know the science behind the products and services recommended.




Intellectuals tend towards basic, simple and muted clothing, as they do not see the purpose in spending their money on clothing. Their clothing and accessories are usually basic and simple. In general, these clients keep makeup light. They might stick to just an eyelash tint or lip balm.






The harmonizer will walk in and want to make a connection immediately. They almost always have a smile on their face and are looking to see who will smile back. This client is continuously scanning the room for those who might be like them, while trying to avoid anyone who might be conflictive.


Rapport Building


This person just wants to connect and appears not to care if the treatment is performed correctly – but never skimp on the treatment, of course. The most important thing is that they have someone to talk to that likes and approves of them. Genuinely try to find something in common with this client because they will invest in everything recommended for skin care and refer all their, making the spa their go-to place for their whole group. An added bonus is that this client will always leave a little sunshine behind.




Harmonizers sport clothes with floral prints and warm colors, and wear matching accessories, such as a cute bird or flower pendants. Generally, these clients present themselves in soft-looking, comfortable, cute styles. Their body language is typically relaxed and welcoming, with a very warm vibe.


Whenever possible, educate yourself on basic personality styles, body language, and human behaviors. Myers-Briggs, the Four Temperaments, and Carl G. Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types are a good starting place for education available online or through the library. Remember that each person has a mixture of all four personality types, although one will typically dominate. Tap into clients’ dominant traits and drive the service from that standpoint. Do not judge clients based on personality type, but rather use this knowledge to provide more tailored services. Do not be surprised if there are times when a client does not appear to have a particular dominating trait and instead has a balanced variation of all four personality types. Keep an open mind, but become more aware of the layers of clients in order to develop people skills and ensure higher client retention rates.


Spa educator, aesthetician, and reiki master teacher, Sharlean Windus is passionate about health and wellness. Windus has dedicated her lifestyle and career to teaching others about holistic skin care and mindful living. Fluent in all aspects of the spa industry, Windus is a seasoned aesthetician who has worked as a spa manager, owner, and educator. She currently works at Classique Spa in Seattle, Washington and leads monthly reiki classes. Her videos on reiki can be found on YouTube. In her free time, Windus blogs on her wellness website. She is currently finishing her first holistic skin care book.

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