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Healthy Corner: Taking Care of You

Written by   Julie Bach, executive director of Wellness for Cancer

Skin care professionals are constantly focused on what they can do for their clients; they often become so outwardly focused that they forget they cannot do anything for anyone if they do not first take care of themselves. Professionals should reevaluate why they are taking care of themselves and be filled with gratitude for their precious mind and body.

Just like homecare routines for clients, what professionals do every day is better for them than something they do once a week. If professionals do not know where to start when it comes to self-care, they should start with the following four pillars: drink water; sleep at least seven hours a day; breathe; and eat to feed the body, not to fill the stomach.

Drink water
The human body is mainly composed of water. Much of the tiredness and health symptoms people experience are actually due to being dehydrated. Designate times throughout the day as a marker for drinking more water.

A lack of sleep can lead to a host of emotional and wellness issues that affect a person's health, job performance, relationships, and happiness. When people skimp on sleep, it affects their brain, health, creativity, and performance.

Just like children have routines prior to sleep, professionals should develop a routine that lets their mind and body fall into a state of calm.

Breathing supplies the body and organs with oxygen that is vital to survival. It is also a means to get rid of toxins in the body. Breathing slowly and rhythmically by inhaling and exhaling to a count of five is a method that encourages calm and joy.

Eat to feed the body not to fill the stomach
People often eat because they are hungry, their stomach is growling, or they feel dizzy. What they forget is that what they eat and drink fuels cellular growth and repair. Just like professionals select skin care products to nourish the skin, they should also take the same approach with their food. When people eat to live, they recognize the importance of their body in each moment; they do not wait until their body has a condition to treat it differently, rather, they recognize the value of their body and how instrumental it is for everything that they do.

When professionals take care of themselves, they live happier and more joyous lives and are more available for themselves, their family, and their clients.

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