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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 05:14

Right to Bare Arms: Treatments that Smooth and Tone

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The upper arm can be one of the most challenging areas to improve. Even plastic surgery does not offer an effective solution without leaving long, noticeable scars.


Some women with wide upper arms believe they have too much fat in those areas and try to hide them under long sleeves. Women with smaller upper arms often complain of loose, dry, and wrinkled skin, and ask for help.


Regardless of upper arm size, there is one issue that both groups of women have and that is, no matter how much they exercise, their triceps are still surrounded by soft tissue and skin that cries out for firming and rejuvenation.


Looking at women when they exercise through a thermal imaging machine reveals that some areas of their body stay continuously blue. That means that they are not getting sufficient circulation.


Regardless of upper arm size, women need to increase lymphatic and blood flow to detoxify and nourish those areas from the inside. This will help to improve their appearance.


To stimulate internal circulation, use warm herbal compresses made from a water infusion of one or more of the following botanical or herbal extracts: gingko biloba, green coffee bean extract, cayenne pepper, horse chestnut, hawthorne berries, or parsley.


The professional can also perform an aromatherapy massage using warming essential oils, such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, and black pepper.


Massage the upper arms using upward movements towards the lymph nodes in the armpit area. Gua Sha stones or glass or silicone cups can also be used.


fedatova2To rejuvenate the upper arms and improve skin texture, first, exfoliate and stimulate collagen regeneration. Start with a polishing massage using sugar- or salt-based scrubs. For a more effective and luxurious treatment, use exfoliating products with crushed amber or crushed amethysts. Because these gemstones have strong therapeutic and energizing properties, they will accelerate results and bring the client’s experience to a whole new level.


Diamond microdermabrasion helps improve the texture of the upper arms and reduce unpleasant upper arm bumps often caused by keratosis pilaris. This condition occurs when the body produces excess amounts of keratin. For clients dealing with keratosis pilaris in an inflamed form, use a salicylic acid peel – preferably form its natural source, willow bark – prior to any kind of exfoliating massage work. This will help to reduce redness, or discoloration, and calm the surface of the skin.


Microneedling also helps to firm and improve the surface of the skin, especially when used over a serum made with natural peptides and vitamins. Natural peptides are very effective because they contain a balanced blend of amino acids to start protein formation. They also have the ability to signal the body to increase collagen and elastin regeneration.


Professionals can also advise clients to use a massager at home that produces vibrations and infrared waves over a special cream for three to five minutes a day. For the best results, the upper arm cream should contain natural caffeine and peptides to firm and restore the upper arms.

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