2016 Makeup Trends

Written by Rickie Bocanegra, lead makeup artist and educator at Poise Makeup Professional

With 2015 officially over, as well as some of its social media trends, 2016 promises to bring excitement. One style that always holds up, no matter how many years pass by, is the classic essential look.

Clients swoon over perfectly-fresh, breathable skin with the perfect balance of dewiness and a powerful pout. In this generation, new brands are popping up left and right. How can professionals know what is best for their clients and if a brand will hold up to the trends of 2016?

All About the Face
There are many different views of what natural beauty is, but nothing says it better than barely-there, breathable skin. Use foundations that control tone, but still allow the skin to show through.
In 2015, highlighting hit the ground running and will keep on going throughout 2016. From glosses to powders, the options are endless. Both large and small brands are coming out with gorgeous illuminators as it is an easy way to add glow and the appearance of a dewy finish. It really comes down to choosing the right texture or medium for the client’s skin. For oily skin, choose a powder finish that helps absorb excess oils without adding more moisture. For skin that tends to be lacking hydration, choose a liquid/cream formula for added moisture, even adding a small amount into the foundation for an overall glow.
Red is a color that never goes out of style. This power color requires little effort and makes a confident statement. Another hue creating buzz, and a runway favorite holding its own, is berry. Berry tones add a natural flush of color; whether an opaque finish or a subtle tint is desired, clients can rest easy knowing that berry is a fashion-week favorite.

Eyebrows and Eyes
More and more, the beauty industry is seeing beautiful, full eyebrows grace the runways and red carpets, from full, groomed, and perfectly placed, to fluffy, semi-boyish eyebrows. Before picking up those tweezers, be sure to consider this face-framing trend.
Lastly, do not forget about the eyes. With simple flushes of color swooped across the eyes, this 2016 eye color trend is one of the easiest to accomplish. Colors like warm orange, bricks, corals, and coppers give just the right amount of life to the eyes and brings attention without stealing the show. There is no need for complicated color blending – just pick a color and go.

2015 came and went in the blink of an eye. Hopefully these trends do not because they will be sure to pull in the compliments. With all of the New Year’s resolutions adding up, introduce these trends to clients looking to pamper themselves in this new year. These trends do not take more than a few minutes to introduce, including the new products that help to achieve these looks. With any and all makeup applications, even for simple makeup trends such as these, consultations are still important. Be sure to talk about the client’s needs and current makeup routine and determine the best way to apply their look. No matter what product is being utilized, do not forget that the client’s safety is most important. Cosmetic sanitizers are just as important as makeup. With tool options being just as large as the product list, keep in mind that having several sets of professional brushes to use in-between clients makes utilizing time easier and guarantees that cross-contamination during services will not occur. Being a trend setter is great, but being a professional is priceless.

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