Neroli Repair Oil

Do you have client's that are reactive from being overly dried out during dermaplaning? Try OIL-planing with Neroli Repair Oil for a nourishing glide. Also great in combination with cupping, facial refelxology, vacuum therapy, Gua Sha, massage, and daily oil cleansing! 8444777546


Glo Skin Beauty Calming Flower Mist

Glo Skin Beauty is Calming Flower Mist provides instant cooling relief with a unique blend of soothing essential oils. Free of fragrance and dyes, this formula is designed to calm and hydrate even the most sensitive skin. It prepares skin for the optimal benefits of serum and moisturizer application. 1-800-232-0398


Firm & Lift Anti-Aging Cream

Reverse the hands of time to rejuvenate and renew your skin. Advanced botanical extracts reinvigorate aging skin. Humectants and peptides increase hydration, and support collagen to soften wrinkles, firm, lift, tighten and moisturize for a youthful complexion. Dermatologist-tested, phthalate and paraben-free. Suitable for all skin types.424.317.5200


Syndaghi Repair & Renew Sensitive Skin and Recovery Cream

The hydrocortisone-free REPAIR & RENEW Sensitive Skin and Recovery Cream delivers soothing ingredients and moisturizers through colloidal silver combined with an advanced peptide that calms irritated skin and restores its integrity. This cream is dermatologist-tested, phthalate and paraben-free and is suitable for all skin types.424.317.5200


The Better Skin Company Epik C Boost

Vitamin C Toner & Mist Cleansing, Brightening, Hydrating and Refreshing. Vitamin C helps fight free radicals. Vitamin C assists in brightening skin. Green Tea is an antibacterial and promotes glowing skin. Aloe Vera is soothing and an anti-inflammatory. White Horehound works to repair troubled skin. Sea Kelp and Seaweed flush out toxins to purify the skin. A sprinkle of Mica gives a slight boost of…


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