Míage Skincare Launches Bloom – a Waterless La Milpa Lip Treatment for Valentine’s Day

Written by   Miage Skincare

Míage Skincare, a transformative new luxury skincare line blending waterless micro-molecule formulas and isotonic nutrient blends, today announced the official launch of its first product. Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment is an intensely healing conditioning gloss and overnight lip mask consciously crafted to celebrate lips of all shapes, sizes, and ages. In kissing goodbye to water, Bloom delivers a rich and deeply nourishing formula designed to conjure petal soft lips with a healthy natural glow.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the public to Míage for the very first time, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Bloom is the perfect way to show your kisser some serious self-love,” says Shirly Zeng, general manager of Míage. “Our scientists have spent years developing this healing waterless lip treatment and it shows. From the moment you sweep it on your lips, you can feel them being softened, soothed, and hydrated.”

Bloom has a light-reflecting delicate pink tint and slight shimmer that makes lips look instantly healthier and more supple. It can be worn alone for a natural glow or layered over a favorite lip color for prismatic shine and moisture. Additionally, Bloom can be used as an intensive overnight lip treatment that will facilitate deep healing and repair after neglect and/or exposure to environmental stressors.

For a limited time, Míage is offering 10% off of Bloom when you sign up for the My Míage loyalty program. To learn more or purchase Bloom now, visit www.miageskin.com.

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About Míage
Look on the past with gratitude, but never with longing… Míage introduces a modern category of transformative skincare designed to ascend beyond “anti-aging,” and instead, asks consumers to be present. Not only modern in its philosophy, but also its science, Míage reveals waterless nutrient formulas made to work in osmosis and harmony with skin at every stage of life. A proprietary isotonic La Milpa Cactus Solution replaces the hypotonic deionized water solutions commonly used in most skincare products, allowing Míage’s rich ingredient blends to more effectively supply skin with healing nutrients, proteins, and amino acids, while manifesting a complexion that radiates luminosity, health, and complete celebration of your present beauty.


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