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Melanie and Robert Sachs are sought worldwide as experts in how to apply the bodywork methods of Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda for the spa and beauty worlds. Both published authors, Robert Sachs is the author of Tibetan Ayurveda. Melanie Sachs is the author of Ayurvedic Beauty Care, the premier text for Ayurveda in the spa and beauty industries. She and Robert co-wrote the book Ayurvedic Spa, which outlines Ayurvedic treatments and how to create an authentic Ayurvedic spa. Melanie and Robert are co-directors of Diamond Way Ayurveda and work as therapists, product developers, and teachers.

logoIn the very beginning, we both wanted to pursue something in the health field, but soon got disillusioned by the current allopathic paradigm. This led us into studying holistic health systems. We got hooked and never looked back. We started Diamond Way Ayurveda in 1994. Initially, we worked as independent contractors teaching at Dermalogica’s International Dermal Institute. Then, we worked for ourselves doing spa therapy trainings and developing the products and educational materials needed to support the classes and techniques. I think teaching students is the best education that anyone can have. It tests your knowledge and commitment. We are both very independent thinkers and educating others has taught us to think on our feet and communicate with better clarity. But without a doubt, our students and the seeing the results of our techniques has surprised us the most. Seeing people want to learn is always exciting and seeing people look and feel better is golden. Looking back throughout the years, there are things we would have done differently now that we understand the spa business better. We have no regrets, but if you cannot look back and say, ‘We could have done that better,’ then you are not growing. We feel that our business has always evolved to meet the needs of our clients. We think you should never be afraid to say yes to opportunity and to risk being accepted. Keep learning and learn more about what you love to give others. You have to work to keep it fresh and alive. We always tell our clients: Drink when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry and rest and relax when you are tired. It is so basic, yet easy to forget when we are stressed. For us, travel can be stressful. We get to go to wonderful places but air travel is not much fun. For therapists that we have met who work in spas where they are employed, time constraints with little break for personal space and healthy snacks or a proper meal is a recipe for burnout. Our secret is to have a balance of hard and directed work with quiet retreat time together. We love being married and being in partnership of a business together. Living in a place that supports our health here on the central coast of California is enjoyable as well.

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