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Lira Clinical was created by four passionate skincare professionals and educators, dedicated to providing the esthetic community with the world’s most effective skincare products, education and support. With strong, specialized backgrounds in the aesthetic industry, their abundant knowledge and skills combine to develop a skincare think tank. As a result, Lira Clinical was formed with three outcomes in mind: brighter, healthier and younger looking skin. They accomplished this by incorporating ever-evolving fresh and botanical formulas to deliver on their mantra that science discovers nature’s secrets, resulting in bright, beautiful skin.

Lira Clinical’s journey began in 2010 with an initial range of advanced peels. The full retail product range debuted in 2013, including PRO, BIO, MYSTIQ, ICE receiving rave reviews and amazing results. After a blockbuster year, the BB and SPF lines were created in 2014.

More impressive years of record growth and international expansion followed as the women of Lira Clinical continued their mission to redefine aesthetics with award-winning products, advanced education and innovative skincare philosophies. 

Lira Clinical believes that superior education is key for skincare practitioners to unlock effective treatment paths guiding their clients to achieve skincare goals. Lira Clinical’s education team developed an exclusive Guide and Protect System (GPS) that offers a modern guide to skin classification and treatment.

Lira Clinical offers advanced courses on all levels of the GPS and are proud of their expert educators and advanced aesthetic courses. Many classes offer state CEU’s for every practitioner’s required continuing education.

Lira Clinical products are developed exclusively for licensed professionals. With an international team of experienced aesthetic, medical and scientific professionals, Lira Clinical uses high quality, cutting edge ingredients that generate remarkable results. Lira Clinical is a cruelty-free company with all research and development, products, and packaging proudly manufactured in the USA.

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