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  • Chemical Resurfacing: The Function of the Epidermis
    The stratum corneum is the skin’s barrier and is the top layer of the epidermis. In the epidermis, keratinocyte stem cells reside in the basal layer, which is the lowest layer of the stratified epithelia. These cells divide further and differentiate as they move upwards in the epidermis towards the stratum corneum. Found within the stratum corneum are corneocytes which are dead keratin-filled squamous cells that are tightly bound to hydroxyl molecules. Studies have shown that corneocytes are encased by…

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Next-Level Esthi: Unlearning What You Thought You Knew

Next-Level Esthi: Unlearning What You Thought You...

Lora Condon is an international award-winning aesthetician, guest on Dr. Oz, author of Spa Wars, and a beauty consumer a...