Elina Organics Spas Now Offering Baikal Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion Treatments

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Elina Organics Spas Now Offering Baikal Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion Treatments Elina Organics Spas Now Offering Baikal Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion Treatments
Elina Organics Spas in Kalamazoo, MI and Pompano Beach, FL are now offering a new and innovative facial service called the Baikal Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion Treatment. A one of its kind, non-invasive natural alternative to fillers, the creator, Elina Fedotova, also considers this service to be an alternative to micro-needling that comes directly from nature. With a visible improvement after your first treatment, this is a result of an organic blend of micro-crystals (spicules) from Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume.

During this procedure after steaming, deep cleansing, hydro-vacuuming, and detoxifying your skin will be treated with a specific blend of organic micro-crystals. An Elina Organics esthetician will create a specific combination of these micro-crystals for each area of your face to diminish discolorations, scars, and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles. They will penetrate into your skin and create micro-channels and will stay in your skin for a 3-4 days and release skin firming and nourishing nutrients. This will firm, smooth, and rejuvenate your skin immediately after one treatment.
It will also significantly accelerate proliferation of collagen and elastin for the following 2-3 weeks. This is specifically beneficial for aging, wrinkled, and discolored/sun damaged skin. It will even visibly improve texture and reduce scars and stretch marks.

Step 1: Steam and Cleanse the skin with cleanser appropriate for their complexion (botanical or herbal)
Step 2: Detoxify the pores with dry and hydra vacuum
Step 3: Perform manual extractions as needed
Step 4: Sanitize the pores with Oil Control Formula, high frequency, or Blue Tender Beam device
Step 5: Remove with measuring spoon a portion of Micro-Crystals and mix with equal portion of Honey Peel (best option) or Herbal Tea (will be harder to apply)
Step 6: Apply using a silicone brush or preferred sanitized brush
Step 7: Gently apply the crystals over the targeted areas first (wrinkles, scars, discolorations, etc.)
Step 8: Gently press and massage them into the skin to help them penetrate deeper in the skin with the use of a crystal guasha or glass stirring rods
Step 9: Continue to Press crystals into the deeper lines, depressed, or elevated scars for 2-3 minutes
Step 10: Apply all over the rest of the face and neck with the rest of the crystals with a little more Honey Peel to make a less concentration solution
Step 11: Proceed with guasha or manual massage for 3-5 minutes which will help to improve circulation and absorption of micro-crystals
Step 12: Take the portion of Baikal Crystal Mask and mix with warm herbal tea to create a creamy consistency. You can enhance the mask with 5-10 drops of Omega Serum or CBD Serum
Step 13: Apply mask all over the face and neck and leave on for 3-5 minutes
Step 14: To achieve more anti-aging and lifting effect - proceed with bio-adaptive Micro-Current Scenar Treatment. For acne prone complexion we suggest to use Blue Tender Beam guasha over the mask. For hyperpigmentation we suggest to proceed with Green Tender Beam guasha over the mask.
Step 15: Remove mask with herbal compresses
Step 16: Mist skin with Botanical or Herbal Toner or Rescue Sanitizing or Hydrating Mist, based on complexion
Step 17: Apply a generous amount of Baikal Crystal Balm and perform manual face and neck massage for 2-3 minutes. Massage can also be performed under a cool vaporizer or oxygenated mist for sensitive skin.
Step 18: Apply sunscreen

-After the treatment, skin will appear slightly puffy and red.

-Micro-Crystals will stay in the skin for 2-3 days and will make the skin feel slightly dry and flakey and will totally heal after 5 days.

-During that time, we expect the clients to use Baikal Crystal Balm 2-3 times a day to hydrate, heal, and nourish the skin and accelerate results.

-The client must absolutely use sun protection after the treatment such as Probiotic Face Colour, Sun Shelter, or Sun Day

-If clients are planning to swim, they must use Sun Day on the top of any other products

Price: $330 for 90 minutes


269.384.9080  https://elinaorganics.com/
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