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What is the most important step in a skin care regimen ... and why?

"The first step: cleansing. What's the sense of putting the best moisturizer, sun protector or serum on skin that's not been properly cleansed? That's like painting on a poorly prepared canvas. Proper cleansing enhances all the steps that follow. All the steps that follow never enhance improper cleansing."
~ Audia Denton; Skinique

"Moisturizer – whether it includes an SPF or not. Many feel they're too oily to use an additional moisturizer but they're actually not. Most moisturizers now contain peptides, AHAs, SPF, or any other ingredient your skin may be lacking. It's the one step everyone, regardless of gender, should follow."
~ Tammilea Heath; Universal Companies

"EXFOLIATION ... only by getting rid of the old can we celebrate the new! I encourage my patients to exfoliate regularly with the use of grains, shaving, masks … anything that will keep the skin cells renewing, leaving a healthy look to the skin that cannot show without it!"
~ Jane Stapp

"Repetition and regularity! For any product to be effective, no matter how good the ingredients, you must use it every day as directed."
~ Robin Rendell; Academy Canada

"Nightly facial cleansing is the most important step in a daily skin care regimen. Removing the day's makeup, dirt and pollutants is a must and creating a clean canvas allows for overnight repair products to perform at their most optimum level. Never hit your pillow with a dirty face!"
~ Kim Wright; Gundersen Lutheran Dermatology

"When considering a professional facial with a first time client, an important step is to perform a thorough skin analysis that utilizes a pathway of analysis, including using diagnostic equipment (i.e., skin scanner and a skin analyzer that measures hydration, sebum, melanin and erythema). Once you've established the leading cause of a skin condition, then proceed to develop a program for both in-clinic sessions and home care. Choice of in-clinic treatments are based on your analysis once you've established the leading cause of a condition. Proceed to utilize ingredients that are going to assist in rebuilding the skin barrier prior to going to more aggressive treatments such as peels or microdermabrasion. Many underlying conditions include an impaired barrier function. It is important to address this concern. Choosing a suitable cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen is part of the home care regimen. A key step is to add an appropriate high performance serum and/or product to ensure skin restoration. Take the time to educate your client in proper application."
~ Alexandra J. Zani; AEsthani – Education Pathways

"The most important step in your skin care regimen is to PROTECT, PROTECT and PROTECT with sunscreen. The best part is that sunscreens are in moisturizers, another important step that ends up included when you use sunscreen. The sun is the biggest villain when it comes to the skin, causing everything from premature aging to cancer. It's best to start sunscreen young to protect the skin versus trying to reverse the damage later when the damage rears its ugly head. The benefits and results are much higher when you protect versus reverse."
~ Holly Brooks; Complexions

"A healthy diet and plenty of water are definitely the first steps to a skin care regimen. You can use every product known to man, but if you have unhealthy eating habits or other vices your skin is the first to respond."
~ Gregory Coltren; Syeni Salon and Spa

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