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We all know a necessary part of maintaining healthy skin is regular exfoliation. Removing the buildup of dead skin cells is essential for preventing fine lines and wrinkles, eliminating congestion in the hair follicles, reducing recurring acne breakouts, and helping to maintain a healthy complexion. Dead skin cell buildup also inhibits maximum results from topical skin care products. As we age, the metabolic rate of…

Exfoliation Techniques

Written by Kristina Valiani
Exfoliation is key to maintaining healthy, functioning skin. Many facials include exfoliation within their protocol and all skin types and conditions can benefit from some form of exfoliation. Our skin naturally reproduces and brings healthy, new skin to the surface while regularly shedding the dead, outermost layer. However, throughout the aging process and following menopause, this natural shedding process slows and can lead skin to…
It is the most fundamental and rewarding procedure to accelerate results and give the skin a softer, smoother appearance. Clients ask for it by name because it diminishes fine lines, refines the look of the pores, improves textural changes, and is a viable treatment for acne management. The epidermal remodeling benefits of microdermabrasion are performed in aesthetic treatment rooms, physician's offices and – with thanks…
Not all exfoliating methods are created equal, especially when it comes to treating ethnic skin. In order to provide your patients of color with safe and effective exfoliation procedures, it is imperative to understand the differences in the structure and function of ethnic skin. As we become a more blended global society, many patients we treat will have mixed heritage. Even a patient who has…
Human skin, like all other organs, undergoes chronological aging. Skin aging is characterized histologically by irregularly dispersed melanocytes, elastosis, reduction, and alterations in collagen and accumulation of a variety of lipid-derived pigments such as chromolipoids and lipofuscins. These internal and silent histological shifts manifest clinically in the skin and the visible benchmarks are identified by fine and coarse wrinkling, roughness, laxity, dryness, sallowness, pigmentary moddling,…

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