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Peptide Perfection: Tips & Tricks for Using Peptides in Your Practice

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Peptides are a chain of amino acids formulated to assist the skin with collagen and elastin while working to repair skin cells.Peptides are amazing and if you are not currently using them in your practice, they will soon be a game-changer for your spa business and clients. Today, we are going to talk about exactly what a peptide is, different formulations targeting specific skin concerns, and how to use peptides in your spa business.


Let’s dig into what a peptide is. “Peptides comes from the Greek language, pepts, meaning ‘digested,’ derived from psseinto digest. They are short chains of between two and 50 amino acids, linked by peptide bonds.” Peptides are basically like putting protein directly on the skin. Skin care professionals understand the importance of incorporating protein in a client’s diet, but the skin is an external organ.How much of those nutrients from food does the skin actually benefit from?The answer is very little, which is why peptides are important to use in the spa and for the client’s homecare.


“There are non-essential amino acids and essential amino acids.Non-essential amino acids can be made by the body, while essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, so you must get them from your diet.You must have all the amino acids, so your body can build the wide variety of proteins it needs. Protein is needed for the repair, growth, and maintenance of the cells.” With the push for plant-based diets, concerns are raised because protein is so important for the body. Eating plant-based food is not the same as protein-rich meats. Bodies are designed to consume animal protein, including red meat because it providesthe body with the essential amino acids to help the body stay strong and healthy.

With most skincare lines, there are different formulations for peptides.Some companies use terms like ogliopeptides, polypeptides, tripeptides, and so forth on their labels.Other companies use the actual amino acid on their labels, such as l-arginine, l-histadinel-glycine, and so on.Either formulation works for the skin; however, when reading a label, you don’t know the exact amino acids that make up an ogliopeptide, or hexapeptide. When you see an amino acid listed on a label, you know exactly which amino acid is used to create that particular formulation.


Understanding amino acids can help your clients’ needs by targeting specific skin concerns when selecting peptides for their homecare routine.Each amino acid functions differently and when formulated together, it creates results for clients skin.Amino acids, such as arginine, enhance wound healing. Glutamine increases collagen synthesis, and glycine(aneurotransmitter)works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.Researching the different amino acids, to understand the benefits of each one and how they work in synergy.


Lastly, once you understand peptides, it’s time to start using peptides in the treatment room, spa, and with clients’ homecare.Peptides have been a game-changer in my own personal skincare needs and with my clients. They have been easy to recommend to clients because they see results during their facials and want to continue to have their skin look and feel amazing long after they leave.


If you don’t currently have a serum with peptides, it’s time to do some research to find a skincare line that resonates with you and the practice. I work on the holistic side of skincare and have noticed that peptides are a safe, natural addition to client’s homecare because they work and deliver results quickly and effectively.Peptides are safe, easy to use, and can be incorporated into clients’ routines or swapped out for their current serums.DERMASCOPE has plenty of resources and access to a multitude of skincare lines that deliver clients results, providing you with education and training, and most skincare lines will help you launch this new line to wow your clients.

One final tip is to introduce peptides to clients using analogies to help them understand what a peptide is and how they work within the skin.Each amino acid alone is like a single letter in a scrabble bag.When you grab the letters and form a word, that is how peptides are formulated.Applying the peptide to the skin is like putting the word on the board.The skin cells recognize the signal from the peptides and begin working to repair the skin.Using simple, easy-to-understand language can help educate clients to take positive action and achieve desired results.

As an aesthetician, you want the best for your clients.Finding a peptide line that resonates with your mission and vision will improve the spa’s business and help clients achieve their healthiest skin.


Samantha Dench

Samantha Dench is a 16-year licensed aesthetician, owner of Skin Deep, author, and speaker. Dench’s passion stems beyond treating the skin to include internal health to achieve healthy skin for clients by finding the root of the problem. She loves to educate groups of women and share her knowledge and passion for skin. Dench loves to share her book to help women take control of their skin. She is a single mom of three and loves to cook, bake, and find creative ways to find healthy alternatives to her favorite dishes.

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