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Selling to Goldfish: Content for 8-Sec Attention Spans

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According to market research, the average American only has an eight-second span for content to grab their attention; goldfish apparently have nine. In our fast-paced modern world, we have made it almost impossible for the products and services that could change our lives to enter our psyches. When it comes to marketing, it’s survival of the fastest to convey a story in an eye-catching, emotion-evoking, and totally novel way. Unicycling while juggling five flaming balls on a tightwire comes to mind. There are strategies that can simplify the content creation process, like having an effective brand, creating a content plan, and fostering partnerships. 


The perfect potential client (PPG) is still the best cornerstone to build an effective brand. (By now, the term PPG should be very familiar. If not, check out March’s installment of “Owner’s Manual” to learn more about the PPG and their importance.) Understanding what sets the spa apart from all the other local spas is known as the point of difference (POD). Successfully communicating that point of difference magnetically draws in PPGs. This communication can be both verbal and nonverbal and must be expressed across all branding congruently. Look for more in-depth branding guidance by reading more in April’s installment of  “Owner’s Manual.”

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Melissa Allen has lived many lives as a dance teacher, biologist, and marketing director before becoming a successful aesthetician and spa owner. All of these former positions help to color her opinions, actions, and style. Allen’s career in aesthetics has also been far-reaching; she has been an aesthetician in the back of a salon, a solo aesthetician, a spa owner with several employees, and a global brand consultant. Allen has experienced many of the paths of aesthetics and is open, honest, and willing to share her adventures. As her time in the treatment room comes to an end, she is focused on mentoring and guiding the next generation of thinking skin care professionals and spa owners.

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