Friday, 19 November 2021 10:35

The Spa Guide: New Year Financial Forecasting & Goal Setting

Written by   Courtney Sykes

As the fiscal year of skin care professionals and their businesses is coming to an end, they look forward to a new start with new metrics to meet. Through life’s challenges, professionals learn to adapt and change as industry leaders, and ultimately pivot in directions they never thought possible to create niche pockets of revenue streams and cater to clients in fresh and exciting ways. Skin care professionals inherently are creative beings; coming up with new ways to market your service offerings to clients, streamlining a content schedule, and developing events for the new year are easy to envision. The challenge comes in putting the overwhelming feelings aside and focusing on a plan of action. There are three categories for new year goal setting, event creation with budgets and financial goals in mind, creating new services while keeping profit margins at the forefront and expenses low, and planning for professional development in an organized and ethical manner. 

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Courtney Sykes​Courtney Sykes is the chief administrative officer of Southeastern Esthetics Institute and is a licensed aesthetics instructor in South Carolina. Sykes is also the creator of Courtney Sykes Molecular Anit-Aging, a clinical skin care line for consumers and professionals. Her passion lies in creating real change in the aesthetics industry, assisting her students to obtain gainful employment, and making a difference in the lives of their clients. Sykes specializes in a science-based approach to skin health and education. Her primary focus is chemical peels, laser treatments, eyelash extensions, micropigmentation, and cosmetic lasers. Her background in medical spa management has led her to nationally accredit the largest licensed aesthetics school in South Carolina – Southeastern Esthetics Institute.

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