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Pool Problems: The Unforeseen Troubles of Chlorine

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During hot, humid summer months, nothing is as refreshing as a dip in the pool. Many start dreaming about the turquoise, glistening waters and the smell of chlorine as the earth around them unfreezes. Greenery takes over the brown and gray, and the days grow longer. Skin care professionals then begin to see the result of over-sunned skin – developed tan lines and damaged, dry skin. With a few key questions, professionals can usually get the jest of what environmental arsenal clients have put their skin through and quickly go into recovery mode, utilizing all the skin therapies to restore their barrier, soothe angry, red skin, and restore hydration to the deepest layer possible. Often, one important question is not being asked to clients especially during summer months and vacation time – have you been swimming in a chlorine pool for a prolonged period of time or sunbathing using the chlorine pool as your cool off zone? Most often, the client’s skin is not just showing signs of over exposure from the sun. Their skin is also showing the ravaging effects of chlorine.

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Jaclyn PeresetskyJaclyn Peresetsky is the founder of Skin Perfect Academy, Skin Perfect Spas, and Colore Me Perfect Analysis and Cosmetics. Her passion lies in advanced education for aestheticians in real life aesthetics. She contributes her expertise through speaking, writing, teaching, and continues to see her clients to advance her knowledge and skill to share with others.

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