Body Care

Body Care

Spa Revolutions

thermaBliss ThermaHerbal Poultice

Lava gel mineral heat combined with Thai herbal compression massage activates in minutes with warm water and lasts 60 plus minutes.


Seaweed Body Contouring Mask

Based on the tradition of European thalassotherapy this body mask combines mint, fresh seaweed extracts, and kaolin clay to help soften skin, making it appear more toned, and firmer.



Himalayan Salt Stone Warmer for Massage

Perfectly warmed, hand-carved, Himalayan salt massage stones with many therapeutic benefits. Warmer uses no water or chemicals and low electric use.

Osmosis Beauty

Skin Perfection Elixir

Skin Perfection Elixir neutralizes skin toxins and balances the digestive causes of rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Hempfield Botanicals

CBD Massage and Body Oil

Hempfield Botanicals CBD Massage and Body Oil promotes relaxation, while easing pain and inflammation. Its blend of hemp seed oil, cannabidiol (CBD), spearmint, menthol, and pink grapefruit peel oil is easily absorbed into the skin to provide soothing relief.

Relaxing Bath by Nelly de Vuyst

Pure Fiji

Coconut Sugar Scrub

With naturally occurring alpha hydroxy agents in raw sugar cane, this natural body polishing treatment enhances skin’s natural rejuvenation.

Enhancing Glycolic Body Lotion by Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line

Sea Sanctuary Essential Oil Blend

Restore the mind and balance senses with this combination of exceptionally rejuvenating, pure essential oils including bergamot, fir needle, frankincense, and lemongrass.

CONTOUR Body Wrap Cream by M’lis