Webinar: Acne Best Practices: Enzymes & Extractions

Acne Best Practices: Enzymes & Extractions

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Performing extractions is one of the best ways to speed up the clearing process for clients. Knowing how to properly prep the skin for extractions and how to choose the best protocol for acne clients is essential. Join Face Reality Skincare’s lead educator as she walks us through an acne treatment showcasing their best practices, with an emphasis on protocol steps and extractions. This demo will include enzyme exfoliation and ingredient education, extraction techniques, extraction post care best practices, and more.


MEET THE PRESENTER: Alex Hernandez, L.E.

Alex Hernandez is a licensed aesthetician of over six years, serves as the lead educator at Face Reality Skincare. In her role, Hernandez oversees professional educational training materials, protocols, and classes on a national level. Additionally, she supports other key departments including marketing, R&D, and Face Reality’s Acne Clinic. Alongside Laura Cooksey, owner and co-founder of Face Reality Skincare, she learned how to educate clients and professionals on the treatment of acne using the brand’s safe and effective signature adaptive protocol. Through diligent practical training and the completion of Cooksey’s personal training, Hernandez became a Face Reality Certified Acne Expert in 2018. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of professionals and acne clients in her aesthetics career and is a daily witness to the impeccable results achieved using Face Reality Skincare treatments and protocols. 

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