De-Mystifying Chemical Peels​

De-Mystifying Chemical Peels

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From the perspective of skin function, histology, physiology, and safety, chemical peeling remains a definitive science with multi-factorial and acclaimed benefits. However, it has inherent risks. While clinical hallmarks may be apparent while performing chemical peels, the subclinical trauma events and potential manifestations often cannot be determined or projected. This webinar will present a deep dive into the chemistry aspects of chemical peels and identifies misnomers surrounding the use of this treatment. The focus includes various peel reaction compositions and the effects of different peeling agents in chemistry and physiology. The lecture will consist of a discussion surrounding the false information and "pseudo philosophies" regarding chemical peels and combined modalities.



MEET THE PRESENTER: Jayant N. Lokhande, M.D. 

Dr. Jayant N. Lokhande, M.D. is an expert in botanical drugs and biotechnology business management. He has successfully strategized and formulated products for several cosmetics, nutriceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical foods companies globally. He has significant clinical experience especially in using botanical drugs and medical foods for complex and chronic diseases. His other professional interests are in biodiversity entrepreneurship, bioprospecting, medical anthropology, disease reversal therapeutics, and ashtanga yoga. He has special interest and practice in translating yoga and ayurveda principles in innovation, system, and technology development. He has edited and authored three books that are published by Taylor & Francis. He is currently working as chief scientific officer at DMK Skincare and his responsibilities include innovation and end-users education development.

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