Webinar: Skin Density: How Thick Is the Skin?


Skin Density: How Thick Is the Skin? 

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Although the question of whether a client has thick or thin skin is ever present, skin thickness varies around the face and body. An analysis of skin density and skin care treatments for each area concerned is vital. Along with the latest skin care ingredients, learn how to treat the different areas varying in density. Skin thickness is dependent on age, sex, and ethnicity and significantly changes the appearance – making skin thickness a topic well worth exploring. 



Solenne Briand has been an accomplished international educator in the skin care industry for over eight years. Licensed in cosmetology in her homeland of France, she started her career with a prestigious Swiss and French skin care brand. Her passion to travel inspired her move to the United States three years ago. Since then, Briand has been traveling the continent offering comprehensive education. She is dedicated to share her knowledge of skin care and contribute to the growth of the spa industry.


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