Webinar: Ready, Set, Peel! Creating Homecare Treatments & Maintaining Healthy Exfoliation

Ready, Set, Peel! Creating Homecare Treatments & Maintaining Healthy Exfoliation  

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Discover how to follow the skin's natural path by maintaining healthy exfoliation, melanin management, and a balanced epidermal microbiome with the latest in smart peel technology. Lira Clinical's daily conditioning homecare routines create treatment-ready skin with essential, professionally guided home treatments. As businesses adapt and cater to clients' requests for results-driven skin care, customized, clinical treatments for all skin types or conditions are a must-have. Whether quarantined, semi-open, or open with increased sanitation, this webinar is a do-not-miss event. 


MEET THE PRESENTER - Metaxia Dalikas! 


Metaxia Dalikas is internationally recognized for her expertise in advanced aesthetic treatments, education, and chemical peel formulation. She has worked side-by-side with world-renowned dermatologists and chemists over many years to assemble her extraordinary wealth of clinical skin care knowledge. Her knowledge of skin care distribution and training, as well as chemical peels, waxing, and product formulation, has made Dalikas an essential component in Lira Clinical’s success. Having over 30 years of experience in the medical and professional aesthetic treatment industry, she opened a successful chain of professional, aesthetics supply houses and advanced training centers more than a decade ago.


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