Webinar: Ayurveda for Aestheticians

Ayurveda for Aestheticians

Ayurveda is well established as one of the top spa trends and its principles continue to inspire innovative, holistic approaches to beauty and the spa world. This webinar will breakdown Ayurveda starting at its roots all the way to its five main principles that apply to skin care and spa modalities. Discover why this ancient science is more relevant now more than ever. Learn how Ayurveda can influence and help bring balance to a spa practice.

Melanie and Robert Sachs pioneered the introduction of Ayurveda to the spa and beauty industry. They are authors of “Ayurvedic Beauty Care” and “Ayurvedic Spa,” both texts considered standard for the spa industry worldwide. For the last 25 years they have been co-owners of Diamond Way Ayurveda, international spa trainers, product and equipment designers, professional magazine contributors, and DVD makers. The Sachs are both massage professionals with years of experience in teaching many forms of ancient Ayurvedic spa therapies for the modern world.


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