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DMK Virtual Intro to Skin Revision 2020

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DMK Virtual Intro to Skin Revision 2020

This video is an introduction into the history of DMK, as well as our scientifically based theory and approach to skin revision. 

If you are interested in working with DMK or learning more about our concept and treatments, visit . If you'd like to register for training, the Intro webinar is the first step to becoming a certified DMK skin therapist. Use code mentioned at the end of the video for $50 off your course registration.

Drew Coleman is the vice president of education and sales for DMK Internat­ional. His professional passion is to help business owners maximize their potential by benchmarking and identifying growth opportun­ities. Coleman’s 17-year career has been dedicated to helping businesses grow. He loves the aesthetics industry because of the passionate business owners he works with every day.

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