Laudrés Gene Tonic Ace Dual Serum

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Laudrés Gene Tonic Ace Dual Serum is a powerhouse serum packed with a cocktail blend of PuraKrin™ and four highly effective antioxidants to refine skin complexion and target uneven skin tone. The supercharged formula activates skin cells while combining antioxidant power of Vitamins A, C and E to promote a smoother, stronger and refined complexion.

The Gene Tonic Dual Serum is the dual chambered cocktail blend which combines two complementary formulas that revitalizes your skin with the brand's highly concentrated PuraKrin™ bioactive and targets your respective skin concerns with the synergistic combination of key actives.

The exclusive PuraKrin™ technology consists of peptides, essential nutrients and native building blocks that works seamlessly by awakening the skin’s natural ability to promote collagen production and skin regeneration. Backed by our cutting-edge technology, the PuraKrin™ chamber works in synergy with its complementary blend of key actives to refine and boost antioxidant protection for your skin.


Laudrés Gene Tonic Ace Dual Serum, 30ML
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