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Thursday, 30 October 2014 11:00

Why We Love... Exercise:

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“Because I feel energized and at peace after I exercise.” Catherine Atzen

“Not only is it a jump-start to my day, but exercise is a great pick-me-up when I’m feeling sluggish. I’m motivated, physically and mentally, to have a better day!” The Makeup Station

“It helps all the systems of the body work better.” Holly Burner

“Exercise is a key to healthy skin! When blood flow increases, it carries oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, helping nourish them.” Elizabeth Carrington

“It’s a great feeling when you push your body to a new limit and feel amazing afterwards. Besides that, getting a good sweat is a great way to detoxify and keep skin bright and glowing.” Heather Fowler

“It’s a great stress-reliever.” Kim Princeton

“It has taught me to tackle things one step at a time and that cutting corners affects the end result.” Melissa Pfaffenbichler

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