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What is Your Skin Care Ritual? Jacqui Dunal

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In the morning, I wash my face, neck, and décolleté with Collagen Face Wash by Naturel Collagen Canada. I then apply Native Collagen Pure to my damp skin, as applying the product to damp skin locks in moisture. If my skin needs a more penetrating treatment to flush out toxins, I use Native Collagen Gold. Next, I apply the Natural Collagen Moisturizing Day Cream to protect my skin from the day's exposure to sun and pollution.

At night, I wash away dirt from my face, neck, and décolleté with Baby Wash Gel and apply Atelocollagen to my damp skin. Then I gently rub in Natural Collagen Rejuvenating Night Cream. This combination protects my skin from drying indoor heat in the winter and sun exposure in the summer by replenishing collagen that has been lost due to aging.

I apply the Enzymatic Face Exfoliator once a week to keep my skin glowing.

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