Skin Care MYTHS: Cold water shrinks pores.

Written by Alexandra J. Zani, AEsthani Education Pathways
STATEMENT: Cold water shrinks pores. FACTS: The skin contains thousands of tiny pores. These small openings appear on its surface. Hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sudoriferous glands each have a valid purpose. Their size is genetically predetermined and may vary by ethnicity. Since pores do not have muscles, they cannot open and close. Hence, you cannot actually shrink them.

Addressing Anti-Aging Concerns in the Treatment Room

Written by Erin Ferrell, L.E., national training and development manager for HydroPeptide
Most clients who walk through the door are concerned about aging. How can you make the biggest impact in the treatment room?

Prepping for a Business Makeover: Four Tips for Acquiring Growth Capital for your Spa

Written by James Mendelsohn, chief marketing officer at CAN Capital, Inc.
The intricacies of spa operations are ever-changing and growing, driven by trends such as the increasing inclusion of spas in the hospitality and medical arenas. According to the International Spa Association’s 2013 U.S. Spa Industry Study, total spa industry revenue in the United States reached a record high of $14 billion. Indicators of positive growth included revenue, spa visits, revenue per visit, number of employees,…

Recipe Box: Backbar Hydrating Mask

Written by Melissa Picoli, L.E., founder of BijaBody health+beauty
The backbar hydrating mask can be used after facials as a nourishing mask base, or it can be applied to hands after a manicure to create a more thorough skin care treatment rather than just nail care. It is a backbar must and a perfect addition to any skin calming or anti-aging treatment. This luxurious combination is rich in botanical oils proven to regenerate tissue,…
Skin care is, as you might imagine, my passion. I know how important it is to keep your skin in good shape. So cleansing is the first step. Then I always use our TIME CONTROL range: starting with the serum, I then use the day cream and very important for me is the eye cream. In summer I always protect my skin with a sun…

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