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Skin Care MYTHS: Cold water shrinks pores.

Written by Alexandra J. Zani, AEsthani Education Pathways

STATEMENT: Cold water shrinks pores.

FACTS: The skin contains thousands of tiny pores. These small openings appear on its surface. Hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sudoriferous glands each have a valid purpose. Their size is genetically predetermined and may vary by ethnicity. Since pores do not have muscles, they cannot open and close. Hence, you cannot actually shrink them.

Pores may appear more lax due to several factors including:

  1. Age
  2. The quality of the dermal components, for example, healthy collagen and elastin fibers. A healthy dermis and epidermal/dermal junction (rete pegs) provide strength and structure to hold up the appendages that emanate from the dermis. 
  3. Damage to the follicle, for example, early acne scarring or pitting can cause them to appear larger. 
  4. An oilier skin type may demonstrate a larger pore size. There may be excess oil and surface buildup.

A gentle exfoliation twice weekly, daily cleansing, and application of professional skin care products that address the particular skin type will contribute to a more healthy appearance. Protecting the skin from environmental damage in addition to following a healthy diet will also help with your client’s overall appearance. Furthermore, applying makeup will help to smooth out and hide any surface imperfections.

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