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Men’s Skin Care Products

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It is no secret that today’s men face challenges their forefathers could never have imagined. With an increasingly global economy creating a wave of new competitive challenges, men are seeking every advantage they can access in order to stay ahead of their peers.
One key area for advantage that men are increasingly turning to is their recurring use of skin care products in order to look as young and healthy as possible. Of course, there remain stalwarts who still use just bar soap and water, but their numbers are quickly eroding. Gone are the days when men of all ages shied away from products like cleansers and moisturizers.

To meet this trend, manufacturers have become savvy about differentiating product lines that meet the criteria demanded by men. The most successful manufacturers tailor their product sets with blended actives that address the key differences distinguishing men’s skin from women’s. For example, men’s skin overall is thicker, oilier, holds more collagen for longer, and is, on average, more exposed to sun. Successful manufacturers create products like cleansers, moisturizers, and SPF products with a blend of active ingredients designed to optimize the right balance that restores and protects the skin’s equilibrium. Because most men are function and step-oriented (left brained), men’s skin care manufacturers often combine steps to keep things simple, such as selling a moisturizer with sun protection already included. The same feminine scents of a cleanser or moisturizer that work for women are typically absent in skin care designed for men.
Men have larger pores that also need different protection than pores in women. Smart manufacturers use ingredients with higher molecular structure like flax seed and milk thistle to protect larger pores. Since men typically favor gels over lotions or creams, they are also great candidates for serums that help overcome the typical long-term inflammatory damage from daily shaving.
Combining the effects of an aftershave balm and moisturizer into a single serum product, for example, serves the multi-function role and helps repair, hydrate, and soothe irritated skin. Quality manufacturers work to tailor ingredients to men’s needs, such as using eucalyptus or tea tree oil for circulation, and they use different combinations than used for women’s products.

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